Additional innovations in the Full Tilt

In late July 2015, the online poker room Full Tilt implemented some radical changes in playing the games . After the players made ​​it impossible to choose, at its discretion, at which table they will play to eradicate “the hunt for inexperienced newcomers” and improve the atmosphere of the game for recreational players, the team leaders of Full Tilt has promised to amend the bonus program online poker room . These changes, which will come into force in the near future, was dedicated to the official press release Full Tilt, published August 13.

“We believe that the holding of these changes that we make in the interests of the game and our players, Full Tilt will stand out from competitors and, ultimately, help to balance the ecosystem of poker,” says the managing director of Full Tilt, Dominic Mansour.

All users Full Tilt will automatically become part of the new “Players Club» (Players Club). The heart of this new bonus program will be a completely new game “Deal» (The Deal), which the authors of the official press release from Full Tilt described as “exciting and fast.” It is also informed that it will be played “all sorts of prizes ranging from tickets to the tournaments and cash prizes ranging up to the size of the cumulative jackpot, the amount of which is not less than 100 thousand. Dollars..”

Among the other positive aspects of the “Club of the players’ lists an increase of more than twice the volume of cash prizes, raffled freerolls, lottery prizes hidden among the regular visitors to the site, as well as daily tournaments with an increased prize fund, which will be carried out exclusively among the members of the “Club of the players.”

Acting at the moment, Edge bonus program will continue to exist, and on, and players who want to move from one program to another, it should be only to express his desire to administration of the poker room. The program Edge also been some changes, and now it has three levels: Edge, Edge Plus and Edge Prime. Members participating in the bonus program Edge at different levels, for every 100 points earned their Full Tilt (Full Tilt Points – FTP) will receive 1, 2, or 1.50 dollars. respectively, and the participants of the program Edge Prime even be able to cash your FTP at a rate of $ 1. 250 points.

Also, users will be offered to take advantage of the increased Cash Back, the amount of which will reach 200%, with the participation in the games, do not use the expected popularity of the players. Games, which will be implemented, the proposal will be marked with a special symbol Edge Bonus Cashback. When changes in the bonus program Edge will take effect, users will continue to receive bonuses based on their average results in 30 or 100-day term, although the size of the bonus compensation will be changed as follows:

• Members Edge: 30 days on average, get 80 or FTP 100 days – 70 FTP;
• Members Edge Plus: 30 days – FTP 250 or 100 days – 150 FTP;
• Members Edge Prime: 30 days – 500 FTP, or 100 days – 400 FTP.

The innovations presented by us during the last month, based not only on in-depth analysis of the Full Tilt behavior of our customers and the trends of the poker industry as a whole, but also part of our philosophy: keep the interest in poker, regardless of how geographically or what rates play our clients, “says Mr. Mansour.

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