Casino US is asked to strengthen cybersecurity

Over the past five years, online gambling market has broadened its borders. Every day, millions of dollars pass through gambling sites. Naturally, they automatically become a target for hackers around the world. Today, fraudsters can steal not only finance but also personal data of players and using this information in its sole discretion.

In the recent past in the US casinos have been several cyber attacks. As a result, the American Gaming Association (AIA), representing well-known organizations gaming community, wrote a letter to the leader of the Democrats, Harry Reid (Harry Reid) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell) to consider the changes in the laws, and at the state level to ensure the security of the Internet-gambling.

Back in April 2015 the US House of Representatives proposed a law allowing casinos to ensure cyber security data. The bill received the support of representatives of the gambling industry. The American Gaming Association believe that the continuous improvement of modern technology allows you to make a very serious cyber attack and penetrate the security system of the United States most of the casinos. AIA encourages the Government to cooperate with the industry excitement to timely upgrade security and joint efforts to deal with hackers.

In a letter to the gambling associations in the US Congress said: “Our efforts are aimed at improving the capacity of our defense against cyber attacks and help protect customers from this threat. Those to me, however, the current legislation does not contribute to our cooperation with the government agencies responsible for cybersecurity. Adoption of the law will strengthen the state’s ability to repel cyber attacks, will protect the personal data of Americans and can quickly and efficiently exchange critical information in the event of any threat. “

As this letter also signed the International Association of Managers, the National Board of Housing, American Association for the hotel business, the International Council of Shopping Centers, the American Resort Development Association; NAIOP, the Association of commercial buildings.

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