Million in compensation for sexual harassment

The Federal Court of Pittsburgh appointed waitress from Rivers Casino more than a million dollars in moral damages, and the casino was accused of unwillingness to prevent sexual harassment.

On Wednesday, the waitress Allison Peleski (Allyson Pelesky) awarded 150 thousand dollars, but after a pause, take thought, she was appointed additional compensation in the amount of 999,000 dollars.

According Peleski incident occurred in April, when she was at her workplace in Pennsylvania Rivers Casino. One of the customers gambling establishment tucked into her bra dollar chip, while he touched her breasts. Allison Peleski told this administration and asked that it no longer allowed in the casino .

Ms. Peleski says: “From the beginning, all I wanted was just to this man did not show up at the casino. I no longer wanted to see him. It does not matter, you’re a waitress or the manager. Every employee deserves respect. ” According to the girl, after what happened colleagues ridiculed her.

The state commission to investigate the incident, but the waitress decided not to press charges gaming space after the administration banned a client accused of harassment, visit the casino. However, life-long ban was lifted after 40 days.

Casino Guide did not agree with the decision taken by the court and informed that he would seek a retrial.

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