The FBI will examine the activities of online bookmakers

A week ago, on his official podcast channel The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced the launch of “Project online bookmakers» (Internet Sports Books Initiative), whose goal will be to identify and suppress connections online bookmakers organized crime. FBI officials argue that “in most cases” controlled companies “by criminal gangs belonging to the Italian or Asian mafias”, providing betting services through the international sites that offer betting on credit. According to the FBI, to the implementation of this project also involved “the city, state, federal and international partners,” but nothing concrete about the project are still unknown. Many attribute the appearance of this project with the investigation into the unfortunate Paul Foy , which the court decided to release this spring as evidence in his case were obtained illegally.

In an apparent attempt to rehabilitate himself in the public eye the FBI took very seriously for the eradication of illegal bookies, and already this week it was announced the sentencing of two members of the “Albanian criminal gang” operating on the territory of Philadelphia. Head of the group, Yilli Gdzheli and militant Fatmir Mustafaradzh were sentenced to 168 and 147 months in prison, respectively, for usury associated with illegal bookmaker activity groups, which belonged web-site registered outside the United States, the gross margin which was 2.9 mln. USD. The sentences were handed down at the beginning of June, but the news was widely publicized by the media and the official website of the FBI, only on Thursday. Considering that soon will start the season of the National Football League United States, and betting stakes are officially allowed only in Nevada, one can assume that the FBI would be a lot of work to curb clandestine bookmakers.

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