Tiger Woods pens touching letter to young fan with a stutter

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has reached out to help a young fan in need of support.

For someone ranked 133rd in the world, below Paraguay's Fabrizio Zanotti but above France's Benjamin Hebert, Tiger Woods certainly generates a lot of headlines.

Sometimes they are even related to his golf.

Most of those last week would not have made entirely pleasant reading as Woods struggled just to make the cut in the Players Championship before eventually finishing joint 69th of the 75 players who competed at the weekend.

And worse was to come when reports surfaced about Woods's personal life and the alleged reasons behind his split from girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, which the former world number one admitted had given him sleepless nights before playing at Sawgrass.

But there was better news for the Woods camp in another, far more positive, story which paints the 14-time major winner in a much more sympathetic light.
Golf Digest's Ron Sirak initially wrote a story about top female player Sophie Gustafson, who struggles with a stutter, acting as a mentor to a teenage boy who had attempted suicide after being bullied at school because of his stutter.

The story mentioned that the boy was a big fan of Woods, who overcame a stutter as a child, and the 39-year-old wrote the following letter:

Here's the letter Tiger wrote to the bullied boy who stutters. Truly heartfelt. pic.twitter.com/FAM2RuLUZ0

— Ron Sirak (@ronsirak) May 12, 2015

"Someone told me that you like watching me play golf. I really appreciate that, and I also want to say how proud I am of you.

"I know what it's like to be different and to sometimes not fit in," Woods wrote. "I also stuttered as a child and I would talk to my dog and he would sit there and listen until he fell asleep. I also took a class for two years to help me, and I finally learned to stop.

"I was younger than most of the kids I competed against and often I was the only minority player in the field. But, I didn't let that stop me, and I think it even inspired me to work harder. I know you can do that too.

"You have a great family and big fans like me on your side. Be well and keep fighting. I'm certain you'll be great at anything you do."


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