Video: Tiger Woods hit a 105 yard drive today

Tiger Woods in action at TPC Sawgrass

Tiger Woods in action at TPC Sawgrass

Playing his third round at the Players Championship today, Woods made a complete bags of the second hole.

After starting the day early, after just making the cut on level par, Tiger parred the first before he hit a serious low point on the second hole.

The 14-time Major winner lashed his ball way off target, hitting some trees and causing the ball to bounce back across the course, ending up in the pine straw about 70 yards SHORT of the actual fairway.

In fact, the ball didn't even make it as far as the ladies tee.

Here is the video but the graphic from the PGA Tour's official scoring app below really shows just what a shocking shot it was.

The ball only went 105 yards

Woods would go on to score a double bogey on the Par 5 but he has parred the other three he has played so far to sit at two over for the tournament, placing him 73rd out of the 75 golfers left in the tournament.

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